Game Review: X-Com: Enemy Unknown

A Metal State of Mind

_-XCOM-Enemy-Unknown-PC-_Cpt. Bigglesworth is the perfect example of the unsung hero.  During the extraterrestrial invasion of 2025 he gave his life not just for his country, but for the world.  During a small squadron mission into the recently discovered alien base to obtain technology that could help the team of X-Com’s scientists understand and better destroy the invading threat, the team found themselves in a vicious firefight.  Brazen as always Lt. Nipplechip rushed into some shady cover to try to get some effective shots in with his laser rifle to try to push the resistance back some to allow the rest of the squad to move into some semblance of favorable positioning.  To his dismay, he had made the wrong choice of taking pot shots instead of laying down a flurry of suppressing fire.  This led to the enemy getting an opportunity to move in to flank half the team and…

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